CCR Liberty - fault tolerant rebreather

CCR Liberty

CCR Liberty is the next evolutionary step in diving with rebreathers. 
It is designed to support even the most extreme dives with fault-tolerant design and plug-and-play replacement parts.

CCR Liberty is CE certified (EN 14143:2013) and has one of the lowest independently tested work of breathing (WOB) numbers in the industry at 1.58 J/l at 100 m

Fault-tolerant rebreather

4 oxygen sensors
2 helium sensors – patented
2 methods of ppO₂ measuring
2 independent computers
2 solenoid valves
4 displays

No single malfunction in the electronic system will cause a breakdown of the whole apparatus.

CCR Liberty radial scrubber holds 2.5kg of 8-12 sorbent and has been CE tested for safe duration of 168 minutes (@ 40m, 4 deg C, and 1.68 liters of CO2 injection rate).  
Under normal diving conditions recommended scrubber duration is 4-6 hours.

Liberty has extraordinarily low breathing resistance. WOB of 1.58 J/l at depth 100 m place the CCR Liberty among the world’s best. Computational Flow Dynamics (CFD) analysis was used to optimize all parts of the breathing loop to achieve best possible WOB. Even the gas flow over the sensors and through the solenoids has been analyzed and optimized.

Details available at CCR Liberty web site 

CCR Liberty comes ready-to-dive right out of the box with backplate, harness, wing, stand, tanks, regulators and oxygen sensors.

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CCR Liberty
Price: $9,750.00

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