Shrimp BOV - body only - replacement

Shrimp BOV - body only - replacement

Replacement body for Shrimp BOV. 
Body only!
In case you drop your BOV and damage the bayonets. The only way to salvage the rest of the parts is to replace the entire body. 
You must be mechanically apt and remember where all o-rings go. :)

The BOV in the box is set up with gas flow from Left to Right.

!!! Always verify that the one-way valves are in the correct position to circulate gas according to your rebreather specifications!!! Failure to do so can result in serious injury or death!!!

Please check the manual for instructions on how to change the gas flow.

Select OC feed from Left or Right (the LP hose attachment to 2nd stage is not switchable from left to right on the Shrimp) 

OC feed from the Left
Price: $480.00
OC feed from the Right
Price: $480.00

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