Golem Gear Wing 45

GolemCCR Ring Wing 45lbs

Golem CCR Ring wing

Technical wing specifically designed for rebreathers. The circular design distribubutes the gas evenly in any position. The wing is narrow at the top to limit interference with rebreather hoses. It is wider to ensure full inflation away from the stack and backplate, while tapered at the bottom to allow easy access to tank valves..

The wing has been redesigned with slots to streamline hose and cable routing.

This wing is ideal for use with rebreathers. Its simple, streamlined design paired with low profile Golem Stream backplate creates unbeatable CCR kit.

Rock solid construction. Streamlined for effortless swimming, low drag for scootering. Circular, doughnut, ring shape.

20kg/45 lbs lift

height 24"
width 24"
lowest grommet hole to bottom of hose cutouts 2"

Wing Cover:
Outer abrasion resistant shell made from Cordura 2000

Wing bladder: inner bladder made from RF welded CORDURA 560 with PU coating. It resists hydrolysis, low temperatures, and hydrocarbons.

Virtually indestructible.
High quality Swiss RiRi zipper. Available in Black.


ccr high quality inflator and provtected elbow
GolemCCR wing fitted to HH CCR Inflator hose with protection sleeve at the elbow Hi quality SS inflator with SS insert




GolemCCR Ring Wing 45lbs
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