Carter Lift Bags - Boulder Bags

Carter Lift Bags - Boulder Bags

Boulder Bags derive their name from gold dredgers and nugget hunters who use them for lifting boulders in the shallow rivers of California's mother-lode country. They are designed to get a maximum amount of lift from a single lift-point in a minimum depth of water. For example, the 2000 pound Boulder Bag gets its total lift in less than 3 feet of water, whereas the 2000 pound Open Bottom Bag requires almost 8 feet of water. These bags are very durable and have been used as air jacks capable of exerting several thousand pounds of force over a large area. 
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                 lift [lbs]    bag size [in]    volume at surface [cu ft]

CBBB-1000   1000        56x58              16

CBBB-2000   2000        58x42              32

Price: $530.00
Price: $780.00

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