Cave Diving

GoPro4 Housing for GoPro Hero 4 Silver Camera - rated to 500ft
Regular Price: $320.00
On Sale For: $290.00
Large Condom Catheter
Price: $4.00
Locking Latch
Price: $10.00
Exquisitely manufactured primary reel can hold 500 feet (150m) of cave line. Machined from delrin to fine tolerances, almost impossible to foul. Oversized stainless steel handle is easy to operate even in dry gloves. Lock screw can be used to set  tension on the line as it is spooled out.
Regular Price: $120.00
On Sale For: $99.00
Medium Condom Catheter
Price: $4.00
Non-balanced P-valve
Price: $50.00
SS 1in Bolt Snap
Price: $7.00
SS 1in D-ring
Price: $1.00
SS 2in D-ring
Price: $2.00
SS 2in Tri-Glide
Price: $1.00
SS 3/8in Bolt Snap
Price: $6.00
SS 4in Double End Snap
Price: $7.00
SS Backplate
Price: $135.00