Golem Stream Backplate for CCR Liberty

Golem Stream Backplate for CCR Liberty

Specifically designed for use with CCR Liberty RB Adapters. Has a cutout for the locking lever used on the Liberty.

Allows CCR Liberty to b used with any wing and harness.

Inspired by expedition divers' minimalist needs and designed by traveling rebreather divers.

This stainless steel backplate weighs only 2 lbs. and due to it's unique reversed design it will accommodate rebreather scrubber canisters as well as single tanks without the need for cumbersome and redundant adapters (STAs).

Can be quickly mounted with a pair of cam bands and will accommodate the Golem Gear Armadillo CCR and/or any brand of buoyancy wings.
The BP is 15 inches long by 11 inches wide.
Regular Profile (as on standard backplates)
gg_Stream BackplateLiberty_Reg
Price: $185.00

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