Light-for-me GoPro Video light system

Light-for-me GoPro Video light system

GoPro Video Lighting System

The lighting system designed to make underwater videos:

  • 1800 lumens (two sources of 900 lumens each) 
  • light angle: 120 degrees
  • light color temperature: around 6000 K

Light-for-me underwater video set for GoPro Hero and GoPro HD Hero2 consists of:

  • 2 underwater video torches (3XPG MINI video)
  • 2 bezels with ball joints
  • 2 butterfly connectors
  • 2 ball joints attached to a goodman handle
  • 1 goodman handle
  • 1 set of screws

The whole set is made from tough anodised aluminium, screws from stainless steel.

The lighting system designed to make underwater videos consists of two light sources - 3XPG MINI:

  • lumen output: 1800 lumens (two sources of 900 lumens each)
  • light angle: 120 degrees
  • light colour temperature: around 6000 K
  • made from anodised aluminium with laser engravings
  • switched on by twisting
  • powered by 1 x 18650 Li-Ion battery each
  • pressure tested for 100m
  • weight and dimensions: body diameter: 3 cm head diameter: 3,8 cm length: 13,8cm weight without battery: 175 g weight with battery: 220 g

Mini video torches tested to 100m.

Mini video torches are powered by a very popular battery 18650 Li-Ion available in online shops or auction sites.

Each mini video torch requires one 18650 Li-Ion battery.


GoPro Camera, housing and 18650 Li-Ion battery NOT included 

You will need to purchase 2pcs 18650 Li_Ion batteries and charger.
We recommend Panasonic 18650  Available  here
Light-for-me GoPro Video light system
Price: $345.00

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1. on 4/25/2015, said:
This a rugged excellent lighting system! Besides providing excellent bright lighting with no hot spots, it can take a beating! Dove some extremely high flow river caves in Florida, and it got knocked around a lot, and performed flawlessly! I modified it with a bungee with two bolt snaps to connect it to my harness if I need both hands. I highly recommend this light! So much for a small price. Sincerely, John LaManna
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