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GAP - RGBM is a full-fledged decompression program that utilises B.R. Wienke's revolutionary RGBM decompression model side by side with unpadded Bulhmann's decompression model with the deep stop algorithm developed by Erik. C. Baker which is also used by GUE's decoplanner and the DCAP model developed by Hamilton Research Inc.

GAP - RGBM 's Graphical User Interface opposed to the a lot of other decompression programs is both user friendly and efficient. To improve performance, an Excel like input is also available. Both decompression models can be viewed simultaniously which is a first in Desktop decompression software. The new improved GUI also caters for decogas selection, tissue compartment information and model settings, tissue compartment information and model settings selection.

Available in four versions
- GAP Recreational ( nitrox OC)
- GAP Recreational rebreather (nitrox OC/CCR)
- GAP Mixedgas (trimix OC)
- GAP Mixedgas rebreather (trimix OC/CCR)

Download Demo version of the software (valid 14 days), then come back to purchase the license.




Some tutorial video's about the GAP RGBM family can be found here

The standard features for all GAP-RGBM version can be summerized as follows:

Profile editor Graphical / Textual
Deco Model RGBM Full Iterative / ZH-L16B/ ZH-L16C / DCAP
View of profile Both RGBM and Haldane model side by side in profile editor.
Units Metric/Imperial
Gas switches Only limited by PC memory
Personalization Through templates.
Gas mixer Nitrox/ Trimix/ Heliair
Reporting CVS / paper / HTML
Table generation Tables expert/ Bailout tables
Scuba system Open Circuit / Constant PO2 rebreather
Decompression Switches Anywhere in the profile for OC and Setpoint and diluent for CCR
Altitude diving Setable until Mount Everest hight
Ascent / descent rates


product comparison chart


gases scuba system Input mode models
Recreational N OC GUI/Excel like R/B/D
Recreational rebreather N OC/CCR GUI/Excel like R/B/D
Mixedgas N/T/H OC GUI/Excel like R/B/D
Mixedgas rebreather N/T/H OC/CCR GUI/Excel like R/B/D
GAP Lite N/T/H OC/CCR Excel like R/B


N/T/H Nitrox / Trimix / Heliox
OC Open circuit
CCR Constant PO2 machine
Excel like numeric input
R/B/D RGBM / Bulhmann + GF / DCAP

The GAP license lets you run it on two computers. After you purchase it download the GAP here:
downloadDownload GAP

Install it and enter the supplied activation code, hit Register button for online registration.
GAP Recreational ( nitrox OC)
Price: $63.00
Recreational Rebreather
GAP Recreational rebreather (nitrox OC/CCR)
Price: $126.00
Mixed Gas OC
GAP Mixedgas (trimix OC)
Price: $165.00
Mixed Gas Rebreather
GAP Mixedgas rebreather (trimix OC/CCR)
Price: $229.00

Customer Reviews
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1. on 12/21/2008, said:
Deko on CR: Its if you want to do your deco stop on 80% OC the dive table will switch from constant PP when assent is started.
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2. on 1/8/2008, said:
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3. on 10/24/2007, said:
Harder to learn than others, but gets you out of the water quicker with the RGBM model. Haven't been bent yet using the nominal setting...600ft max depth on the software.
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